Why 7i?


To make education a tool for a child to cope with life under all circumstances and make a mark in life.

7i Significance


The idea is to motivate and stoke the fire in the belly. The child then starts believing in himself and soon he starts dreaming to achieve the dreams.


A curious mind allows a child to increase the canvas of his knowledge. An inquiring mind is what we encourage.


The combination of technology and learning gives the child a wonderful feeling of achievement and pleasure. Technology is the order of the day and to go ahead technology has to be an integral part of a child’s growth and advancement.


The child must understand that he or she cannot live in isolation and that by being a social person one moves ahead in life. One cannot do all things by oneself. The support and services of others will be needed. Team building and societal spirit allows the individual to contribute more and better.


Honesty and truthfulness are values which are eternal. There are no shortcuts to success. We lay emphasis and try to make children imbibe these virtues so that child has permanent success and everlasting benefits.


The child must go deep into a problem as only then a solution is generated. Systematic approach and scientific thinking along with logical reasoning is encouraged to gain insight and to solve the problem accordingly.


A creative child always finds different ways and means to implement certain ideas which can be fairly different from the regular bunch of thinkers. Innovation is the key element today and your child will be groomed for this.