Academic Pattern

The Pedagogy Factor

Our teaching methods are in complete unison with the curriculum we have ascertained after a dedicated pedagogy. The curriculum itself has been structured in such a way so as to bring out all the factors of the child to the fore. The teachers are in complete sync with the process thus directing, guiding, motivating and mentoring their wards all the way.


Elementary Education

Preschool admissions in Gwalior have become a common feature among parents who keep looking for best options. The early childhood education program designed by 7i World School makes it one of the best preschools in Gwalior. Gone are the days when education was associated with learning, cramming and examination. With changing times, the system of education has undergone several changes and the approach has gone out of the classrooms. Child education centers have adopted a curriculum which advocates learning with understanding.



Preschoolers love to explore the world through their own hands. Our classrooms provide an environment that challenges them to understand, motivates them to respond, and offers constant encouragement and appreciation.

Our well-designed activities ensure the learner develops essential foundation skills:
Pre-reading skills
Pre-writing skill
Pre-math skills
Fine and Gross motor coordination skills
Social skills, such as focusing and collaborating.



Our Nursery is designed to help the child to become a responsive learner who can communicate more successfully, and work well both independently and in group situations. The curriculum focuses on active listening, problem-solving, and language usage as well as social and collaborative skills.


Primary Schooling : (UKG – 5)

Ask and thou shall be answered Biblical indeed but so true for a child.

An inquisitive mind is the one which generates various solutions for various situations. Young minds are fertile and this is the time to sow the seeds of correct learning. Learning which is creative, interactive and conceptually meaningful and eventually useful. This lays a strong and permanent foundation.

Our primary school curriculum is child-centric and inquiry-based allowing the children to explore the 5WH method What, Why, When, Where & How. This interrogative method helps in quenching the thirst of a curious mind at the same time allowing him to ask more questions.

Kindergarteners are curious minds, they love to experiment. Our classrooms are designed as Explorers labs where a child enjoys discovering the world through inquiry. The project-based approach ensures child’s experiences lead to concept building with a focus on communication and collaboration and scope for reflection. Our curriculum is planned in a way that the learner naturally develops the essential critical skills like following multi-step instructions, organizing work, managing impulses, sustaining attention and finding multiple ways to solve problems.


Secondary Schooling : (6 – 10)

A stage which puts the child on the threshold of higher education. It’s the middle school stage actually! Where books, computer tests, exams, results, percentages, skills, personality development, interactive skills, team building facets and other behavioral as well as emotional attributes are addressed. Thus the child is given an overall framework which allows the child to grow independently and socially too. All this leads to enhanced intelligence too.

Public speaking is gently ushered, then followed up rigorously to build the confidence of the students. Research-oriented projects are given to enlighten the young minds and get prepared for the next level High School Education.

Academics are given due importance at this stage of schooling without stressing out the children.


Senior Schooling : (11-12)

The last and final stage actually the take-off stage for being groomed to pursue specialized higher academics. Thus the child will pursue his preference of academics like science or commerce or arts, in order to make a career later on. Children will be encouraged to choose subjects as per their desire so that they may achieve laurels in their chosen fields later on.

Structured teaching as well as futuristic studies, through practical exposure and efficient technological aids, help in systematic preparation for a good performance at the Board Exams.

For our first batch of 12th the Management, Administration, Teachers and Staff are fully set to ensure that our students will graduate with flying colours.



We have partnered with the British Council for various language proficiency skills

Career Point is another association which is about to be cemented as from class 9 onwards, there will be increased focus on career motivation. Hence there will be internal, integrated study orientation so that the entire curriculum will be academic-oriented and will enable a student to work towards his chosen and preferred career path.