- National Sports Day

On the occasion of Khel- Diwas the students of Grade 9 organized a special assembly dedicated to Major Dhyanchand on whose birthday this day is celebrated also a mass PT drill was done. All the students took an active part in the event enthusiastically.

Our honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi launched the FIT India Movement a video of which was shown to the students. The students watched the video with complete attention. In the speech, Mr. Modi has encouraged the citizens of our country to change and become fitter individuals to represent our “Naya India”.

After the speech was shown to the students our respected Principal Ms. Richa Verma reiterated the benefits of fitness and the entire school pledged to become fitter human beings.

The students looked totally geared up to making a change and were amazed how exercises need not be difficult but easy exercises done regularly can make a world of difference to the lives.

- Outdoor Recreation Activities

Outdoor recreation is one of the most engaging type of activity for children of all age groups. They are best enjoyed out of doors amidst natural settings. Though the activities themselves determine where they are characteristically practiced but now a days this can also be created. 7i World School has set up a set of equipment’s for practicing adventure activities and thereby ensuring physical fitness among students. The students were excited to see there incorporated along with their physical training.

- Janmasthami Celebrations

7i World School students and staff gathered today morning to celebrate the divine appearance of Lord Krishna. The celebrations began by offering prayers to Lord Krishna. Grade 3 students beckoned the lord by singing “Achuttam keshvam” in their melodious childlike voice. This was followed by a group song by the school choir Grade 3-5 students mesmerized the students by their beautifully synchronized dance. Finally, Prasad was distributed to all the students and staff of the school.

- Presentation on Mathematics

To improve the academic and socio-emotional outcomes such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration skills etc, it becomes imperative to integrate music, visual art, dance, digital media, drawing etc. into academic lessons. this becomes still more worth while to collaborate art with subjects like mathematics, which often causes anxiety in ways. 7i World School keeps this cut integrated at the heart of its teaching pedagogy. Grade 9 students gave a presentation on various topics from their syllabus. It benefited one and all.

- Intra House Card Making Competition

The custom of sending Greeting Cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchange messages of goodwill to celebrate festivals. Today our little buds from grade 3-5 tried their hands-on, in this creative technique.

They were spellbound and used stencils, markers, tissue paper, glue, rulers, beads, ribbons. In this way, they could express their feelings and be creative.

It was an astounding and satisfying activity for the children.


Pioneers Mentors Motivators Leaders
I Naitik Soni 5B
I Naitik Jain 5B
II Adhyayan 3B
III Darsh Parakh 3A
III Yogesh kumar 3B
I Akshita Kanojia 3A
II Aishani Trivedi 4B
III Yuvraj 4A
I Samrat Prasad 3A
II Yuvraj Jain 5B
III Divya 4A
III Vineet Dhakad 4B
I Yogyta Rawat 5B
II Jyotirmay Sharma 5A
III Bhoomija Rawat 4B

- Tie-Dye Activity

The name says it all and it's fun for children of all ages. The folding, twisting, pleating or crumbling of the fabric and then binding with a string, applying of dyes after tying to bring out abstract designs on the fabric is an art in itself.
Tie-Dye activity for grade 6 to 10 was organized today. The students enjoyed creating new designs with this age-old technique.

- Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling ia an excellent method to develop a child's fine motor skills, imagination. it also enhances the creativity among young minds. On 14th August, an Inter House Clay Modelling Competition was held for the students of grade 3-5. It was a pleasure to watch their petite fingers at work, making colourful and artistic models of playground, nature and wild life. The main objective of the competition was to stimulate the imagination of the children and enable them to give shape to this creativity.

The winners are -

I - Leaders
II- Pioneers
III- Motivators

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

- Inter House Story Telling Competition

Stories give wings to our imagination and take us to the land of fairies, dragons, talking trees and animals. Since time immemorial, storytelling and listening has been an integral part of our childhood. To keep the tradition going and to incite curiosity and the love for reading in children, an Inter House Story Telling Competition was held for students of Grade 3-5.

The stories were created on the spot with the props given to them. The participants dramatized their stories by facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation to captivate the audience's attention. Their creativity knew no bounds and were in a land of their imagination.
Pioneers House created and narrated the best story and bagged the first position.
Ms. Garima Maheshwari and Ms. Sunanda VK, the judges of the competition, were enthralled by the presentations and had a difficult time judging them. Every story came with a meaningful moral.
The result of Inter House Story Telling Competition was:

I Pioneers
II Mentors
III Motivators

- Master Chef

Cooking is an art which satiates not just our body but also our soul. An Inter House Master Chef Competition was organized for grade 9 & 10 students. The participants had to present a sweet and a savoury dish. It was Junior Master Chef live. The presentation of each and every dish was outstanding. Each dish was judged not only for its visual appeal & taste but also for its nutritional value. The judge of the competition was Dr. Rashmi Tirkey, mother of a student of the school and Ms. Jaya Singh.

The result of Inter House Master Chef Competition was:

I Pioneers
II Mentors
III Motivators

- Inter House Patriotic Song Competition.

7i World School witnessed the patriotic spirit of the young citizens of the country, on the occasion of the Inter House Patriotic Song Competition. All the participants from all the houses sang melodious songs, glorifying India's rich land , culture, heritage and sacrifices made.

The students were well prepared for the competition and presented them beautifully. Their songs invoked a strong sense of patriotism among the audience. The ambience was resplendent with a feeling of pride.The competition was judged by Mr Apoorv Pathak and Ms Ruchi Neekhra. Principal Ms Richa Verma congratulated the winners and appreciated the hard work put in by students and House In- charges.

I Pioneers House
II Mentors House
III Motivators House

- Inter house folk dance competition

“Dance is the language of the soul.” An Inter house folk dance competition was organised in 7i World School on 17th July 2019. Folk dance is a wonderful way to introduce to the students to the rich world of our cultural diversity and enable them to rejoice with dance, music and rhythm. All the four houses participated in the competition, with great enthusiasm.
They performed folk dances of different regions. Bamboo dance of Nagaland, Gangour dance of Madhya Pradesh, Kathputli dance of Rajasthan and folk dance of Awadh. Students were highly complimented by the spectators. All the performance were outstanding and were highly appreciated by the spectators.
It was a highly enriching experience for all students as they got to learn about diversity in our country. The first position was secured by Leaders House, Second by Motivators house, third by Mentors house.

Congratulations to all the winning teams!

- Classroom Decoration Competition

Wednesday morning,7i campus was abuzz with excitement among students of Grade 3 to 5. Students could barely wait for the zero period to begin. They were eager to decorate their classes, each better than the others . Articles, photographs, interesting facts, a variety of decorating materials and creativity went into decoration of the classes. Theme chosen for Grade 3 was Home and Shelter, for Grade 4 was Kinds of Plants and for Grade 5 it was People Who Made a Difference. This activity was a showcase of creativity, effort, research and teamwork. Classes surpassed each other and displayed their best.


I - Grade 4 B
II - Grade 3 A & 5B
III - Grade 5 A