Books, Stationery and Uniforms

Parents shall be informed about the source of availability on admission.

Books & Stationery

School Uniform

Wearing a NEAT, CLEAN & IRONED uniform inspires confidence, gives a sense of belonging and a feeling of equality.
Please ensure that your ward wears a clean uniform and comes to school smartly dressed. Uniform details as follows:

Baba Uniform,
Infront of Sunahari Masjid,
Phalka Bazar,
Laskhar, Gwalior.
Contact No. Mr. Manish Bansal: 9425794325, 8823823940

Pre-Primary Uniform details (PG, Nursery, K1 & K2)
1 Red T-shirt
2 Navy Blue SHORTS with Red line - BOYS
3 Navy Blue SKORTS with Red line - GIRLS
4 Navy Blue Socks
5 Black Shoes with Velcro straps
Primary Uniform details (Grade 1 &2)
1 Purple Dryfit T-shirt
2 Navy Blue SHORTS with White line
3 Light Blue Half Sleeves Formal Shirt
4 Beige Formal SHORTS - BOYS
5 Beige Formal SKIRT - GIRLS
6 Belt
7 Navy Blue Socks
8 Black Shoes with Velcro straps

Book Vendor List

S.No. Vendor Name Address Phone No.
1 New Bhartiya Book Depot Ram Mandir Chourah, Patankar Bazaar 0751-3555385
2 Aruna Book Centre Shaksham Plaza, Behind Mayur Plaza, Mayur Market, Thatipur 9340618743
3 New Balaji Book House And Stationay Near Baradari Chauraha, Sadar Bazar, Morare 7498624164

Uniform Vendor List

S.No. Vendor Name Address
1 V.VAP Shalimar Garden, Behind Bindal Furniture, Gandhi Road, Gwalior
2 Om Stationery Om Academy 26 Shanti Vihar , Near B.V.M. College, Thatipur, Gwalior
3 Shaurya Collection BH-125, Near New Maharaja Complex, DD Nagar, Gwalior

Meal Facility

School has decided to resume ‘School Meals’ from the new session, i.e 4th April 2023. Food directly affects the student’s health, learning and lifetime wellness habits. It also plays a powerful role in driving positive change in children’s diet system. We cannot deny the importance of nutrition and we see, now a days, it’s lacking in our diet.

Considering this, the hot meals that will be provided in school will ensure that children get all the necessary nutrients and help them to develop a taste for all variety of food. The food will be prepared in the school itself, under our direct supervision. Hygiene, cleanliness and nutrition will be our utmost priority.

School Meal Menu

Days Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Monday Matar Paneer(Gravy) + Paratha +Jeera Pulao+Salad Paratha + Paneer + Dal + Plain Rice +Salad Paratha + Paneer Bhurji + Dal + Rice +Salad Dal+Malai Paneer + Phulka + Rice+Salad Matar Paneer(Gravy) + Paratha +Jeera Pulao+Salad
Tuesday Rajma +Jeera Rice + Paratha+ Salad Dal Makhani+ Phulka + Jeera Rice +Salad Kadi Rice + Aalu + Phulka+ Salad Rajma + Jeera Rice+ Paratha +Salad Rajma +Jeera Rice + Paratha+ Salad
Wednesday Dal + Seasonal Vegetable + Phulka + Rice+Salad Kadi Rice + Aalu + Phulka+Salad Dal Fry + Seasonal vegetable+Ph ulka+ Rice +Salad Seasonal Vegetable+ Khadi Masoor Dal+Rice + Paratha +Salad Dal + Seasonal Vegetable + Phulka + Rice+Salad
Thursday Idli Sambhar + Chutney Idli Sambhar + Chutney Veg Idli Sambhar + Chutney Veg Idli Sambhar + Chutney Idli Sambhar + Chutney
Friday Puri + sabzi + Dal + Plain Rice + Salad Chole + Puri + Jeera Rice+ Salad Namkeen Puri + Aalu Tamatar+ Plain Dal + Rice +Salad Chole + Puri +Jeera Rice+ Salad Puri + sabzi + Dal + Plain Rice +Salad
Saturday (G3 - G12) Poha/Upma + Pakodas + Fruit Vada Pav + Chutney + Halwa Chole Kulcha + Fruit Custard Pav Bhaji + Fruit Chat Poha/Upma + Pakodas + Fruit