Admission FAQs

Q. What is the curriculum followed by the school?

We follow a specially designed curriculum which embraces curriculum frameworks of CBSE & IGCSE

Q. Does my child have to take an admission test ?

Grade I onwards the admission test would be taken.

Q. What is the number of students in each class ?

To provide every child with proper attention and care we have allocated 25:1 ratio in each class.

Q. Do you use digital content to teach kids?

Yes, we use digital content to elaborate and explain the children in a more descriptive manner.

Q. From where can I purchase school uniform and books?

Once your child is admitted the complete list of shop keepers and book sellers will be provided to you.

Q. Are the teachers qualified?

Our teachers come with the B.ED degrees and govt. certified qualifications along with good teaching experience.

Q. What about transport facilities?

Transport facilities are available from every corner of our city with trained and experienced drivers and escort staff.

Q. Can my child take admissions during the academic year?

Yes but he/she may have to undergo a test. Also the TC formalities have to be complete.

Q. Do students speak in English?

Yes, our medium of instruction is English and we monitor this strictly. Written and verbal conversation, is strictly in English.