Skill Development

7i ensures that its teachers are competent not only in the basic skills but also in the new skill set relevant in today’s classrooms. Special training in the modern day skills like “Adaptability and Flexibility in Teaching”, “Teacher - a Continuous Learner”, “Effective Teaching and Leadership”, and “Alternatives to Punishment” etc. are imparted.

A well trained and updated staff enhances the quality of learning of the students, making them universally acceptable.

7i follows a scientific approach towards identifying the training needs of its teachers. It is an extensive 5 tier process beginning with

  • Identifying the needs of the school

    For this the vision and mission of the school holds the torch for everyone to walk, towards a common goal.

  • Identifying training needs of individual teacher

    This is carried out in form of a research. The problem is identified which can be addressed through trainings, such that the performance gap can be minimized.

  • Identifying the job/ task needs.

    This analysis seeks to specify the main duties and skill level required for achieving competency.

  • Training

    Customized training is imparted to each teacher to bring out the best in them, to ensure quality learning in the students.

  • Observation

    Thereafter there is an extensive observation process to ensure continuous quality delivery.