Sapta Drishti – From the Chairman’s Desk

I was a first-generation learner. I completed my schooling but couldn’t graduate. I did what I knew best-farming and land development.

My children would have taken to family occupation as I did. But I believed that my children deserved good education and good qualification to avail the opportunities that are available to young minds in the outside world.

Future belongs to the educated and the skilled. I shared my expectations with my children. Honesty, hard work and God’s blessings helped my expectations come true.

I had a dream to establish a good school, for the children I love, for to the children of India and in particular to that of Gwalior and Datia - the places to which my life is connected. Those children are as deserving as my children, I am happy that my children owned my dream.

Together we present 7i World School in Gwalior - our tribute to children. We built an internationally benchmarked school facility, a special curriculum and a dedicated team - just for your child! We did it with love.

We are looking forward to the fall of your child’s footsteps into the world of new learning.

D. P. Sharma,
Mahatauliya Educational Society.