Talent Time

There is a world beyond academics too where a child blooms with his inherent talent, provided he or she gets an opportunity to do so. 7i World School , serves as the ideal platform to showcase these wonderful talents to the world . Many of these gifted children go on to make a mark in life and leave an everlasting impression on society. Our students are our pride and we go all out to encourage all forms of talent, be it dance, dramatics, music, singing, creative arts, science exhibitions, activity making and much more. Audio or visual, with 7i World School, you are in the right place.

7i World School has mandatory Hobby Classes that are held for an hour, daily.

Hobby classes for children are the best pastimes that contribute to overall development.

Our current talent grooming is in instrumental music – casio and congo, dance – contemporary and Kathak,Vocal Music, Craft and not to forget Taekwondo which is encouraged for self defence.