Advisory Board

Nishi Mishra

Nishi Misra is the Principal of Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior and is an educationist: more by nature than by mere qualification. She believes that learning comes instinctively to humankind.

Her quest for learning how to learn loomed large on her horizons while she was Headmistress Sherwood College, Nainital, Junior School. As Principal, Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar she studied the experiential learning methodology and as the Founder Principal of The Mayoor School, Bhopal (which is in collaboration with Mayo College Ajmer) she implemented a curriculum entirely based on Experiential Learning. In her current assignment as Principal, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, a completely residential school for girls in Gwalior, she is exploring the possibility of teaching creativity to students.

Nishi Misra has had quality education at Allahabad University and short-duration study at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIMLucknow. Recently she has received the Amity University Award for Excellence in the field of Education. The Commonwealth Association for Science, Technology and Mathematics Education has awarded her the Alexander Prize for her work with women’s hygiene in 2014.

Raj Chaddha

A complete personality and a renowned name in Gwalior. For the simple man that he is, he is a social worker, an environment lover and the organizer of Dana Pani for Birds project, and also the ex-chairman of Gwalior Trade Fair.

He is a brilliant Satirist and his fabulous sense of humor has resulted in 1600 political and social satires. With two highly acclaimed books – Saanchi Kahoun and Aadamqad Kukurmutte under his belt, he still works tirelessly for children. His eagerness to put children on the right path of education has earned him tremendous love and respect in the academic fraternity. His energy is infectious and for him, putting in long hours for the good of children and the school is absolutely normal.

We are honored to have his services, guidance and direction for the growth of children through the right kind of schooling.

Partha Roy

A multi-faceted personality who dons the hat as a Consulting Professional, while he continues to be a Teacher at the same time. In fact, he has been engaged with educational institutions to connect the dots between pedagogy and applied interpretation at the workplace. He continually conducts workshops and lectures at professional institutes on various topics such as fundamentals of entrepreneurship, enhancing employability, and career visioning and technology future way, vision to a career decision, innovation and creative thinking. As a complete package, he is in a good position to share with the younger generation the nuances of practical with theory.

Armed with a Bachelors Degre in Engineering (BE) and postgraduate professional management education (PGDBM), Partho is a well-rounded personality and is keen on playing his part to the hilt in alignment with the school’s vision.

Dasari Satyanarayan

Dasari Satyanarayan comes from the world of advertising, branding, and creativity. In short the world of communication. He strongly believes that common sense and communication both come handy when everything else fails. The world according to him will become highly communication-oriented as days go by. He believes that children should enjoy studies and not just chase marks, as he feels once a child starts enjoying what he or she does, the marks automatically follow. The enjoyment process is a must to excel.

A Management Professional by qualification (MBA), LLB), MA (English Literature), MA (International Relations), MA (Philosophy) and is currently finishing his MA (Economics).

His first love though remains children!