This letter of mine is to pay homage to your esteem school as my daughter Yasha Singh (Grade 4) is completing 2017-18 session of her education. I think the most important part of our life is spent at school. During this period, we learn almost all the good thing that we should acquire. Entire life we practice what we learn and school is the training ground for all virtues that make a good man. We read together, we sit together and we play together. Thus, we learn the value of collective effort in life. We learn the lessons of self-control, truthfulness, kindness, duty and many other good qualities. School-life opens the eyes of the students to the virtues of punctuality, discipline and adjustment.

Great school cannot exist without great groups of kids, and the diversity of those kids make their schools so great, but it includes much more than that. It includes great teachers, great atmosphere, and great programs, it also includes technology integration. Every classroom at 7iWS is fortunate to have a SMART Board and projector, ambient temperature control, state of art classroom furniture, CCTV camera, etc. School has computer lab for every student use. Not only that school has great equipment, their use is supported through enhanced instructional process and encourages inquire-based learning. In addition to technology, the syllabus, and focus of the school on constant data analysis make 7iWS so pronounced. As part of data analysis, each student is talked about their excellence in academics, sports and arts, and where they need to make improvements and how they can get that done. The school’s high sensitivity towards high teacher ratio and safety of students is highly appreciable.

The teachers here not only have knowledge of the subject matter, intellectual curiosity, confidence, compassion, awareness, patience, maturity but they also possess the qualities of mentorship and work with a vision and enthusiasm to achieve the mission of learning together for a very bright future creating a productive positive, and rewarding atmosphere in which our children learn and grow and develop the sense of good community, human values and relations. Developing that sense of community begins each morning as children enter the building. At parent teachers meeting, I have seen parents and students greeted by teachers and staff members who are truly glad to see us-and tell us so. I have heard several parents and visitors saying ‘there is such great atmosphere here.” That doesn’t happen by accident, a lot of thought process and hard work has to be put in. we all parents look for such type of great atmosphere at our ward’s school and we are so pleased to see at 7iWS.

Of course, everything I have written is all my personal opinion, I certainly expect some disagreement, but I’d like to point out that you all are member of a public-service profession with a very high calling-nothing less than architecting the future civilized society and the effort you all are making is truly noble. Your team has worked hard to create lasting memories through quality learning experiences and special events. I congratulate you and the entire team of 7iWS and wish you all great time ahead.

Manish Singh

(Father of Yasha Singh)

School is a place for a child’s educational foundation. School grooms the child to emote himself better and better. My experience with 7iWS has a similar story which I would like to share-One day my son came home with joy and sparkles in his eyes. His innocent 5-year-old mind wants to share so many things about his visit to Gurudwara. He said Mumma we went to gurudwara today. There you have to cover your head to show respect. They worship a book Guru Granth Sahib. You have to maintain silence. And mumma mumma, I love that PRASAD, it was so tasty. I want to go AGAIN…..His words says all….ABC nnnn 1 to 10 etc…..are part of syllabus but emoting your experience in simple and beautiful. It makes a mother like me happy and content.

Sheetal Tiwari

(Mother of Pradyumn Tiwari)

This is a school with a warm and nurturing environment. There was a positive change in our son soon after he joined here from another school within a short span of time. Attention is given to the overall development of the child, and their individual talents are developed too. The staff if friendly and responsive to the children’s needs. I would like to thank the entire team for giving good governance, care, academic growth, and also overall personality development to our child. He has gained a lot of confidence. The school gives him a good scope for extracurricular activities and interaction with the outside world. I would also like to thank all the teachers for their active involvement at every stage and event. Their attention to detail is evident from the smooth functioning of the school in every aspect. Indeed, they bring out the best in every child.


Dr. Archana Bhadoria

(Mother of Chandranshu Bhadoria)

As per my view God has blessed all of us with some personality traits which is with us for a life time. And since my daughter Raavi is shy and composed in nature, we were quite worried to choose a appropriate school for her. I am really glad that we got associated with 7iWS since they helped her groom keeping her originality intact. Handling children with such a care and making them study along with a well-designed sports curriculum has really made me delighted and I feel proud of my choice.

Rishika Shivhare

(Mother of Raavi Shivhare)

An emphasis on holistic learning with exploring new things, expanding one’s horizons and developing the comprehensive personality of a child is the prudent approach in learning. I delighted that the school and it’s highly professional teachers envisage, validate and execute this concept very well. Overlooking extracurricular activities in school children annihilates the intent of education. But outstanding Principal and intelligent teachers of 7i World School leaves no stone unturned in chiseling the personalities of their students. The commitment, diligence and wholeheartedness of the entire team to build a lucrative tomorrow by providing new learning opportunities to students, is highly commendable. The biggest substantiation is that going to school is joyful for kids, and their zest for learning is the essence of erudition. Through positive reinforcement and virtuous teacher- parents – administration alliance, this fledgling school is destined to go the extra mile. Felicitations and best wishes for their forthcoming school campus at Shivpuri road.

Dr. Sanjay Goyal

(Collector, Gwalior)

Learning comes effortlessly at the 7i World School, but immense hard work, by the Principal and Faculty, goes into making it “effortless” for the students. Intelligent learning is not just a tag-line here; it’s a way of life.

My heartiest congratulations to Mrs. Ankita Phalke and her colleagues to taking the school from strength to strength.

Warm regards

Nishi Mishra

(Principal, Scindia Kanya Vidhyalaya)

Since joining 7i, my son Aakrat has developed in many ways. He is fairly more poised. He has come on steadily in his writing and speaking ability. Teachers at 7i are quite approachable for parents. The environment that has been created is very conducive to learning. I liked the place and the culture. As I moved a lot and experienced to see different schools but from the bottom of my heart, I can say 7i is too good in all respects. It is terrific to be able to know exactly what our child does, learn, play or sing. 7i offers such opportune times. The school provides an excellent service with caring teachers and wonderful activities. It’s hard to forget how the Principal keeps standing on the threshold of the school, receiving wards. I sincerely thank the entire staff of 7i and acknowledge with a deep sense of appreciation in providing a quality education and atmosphere for all.

Mr. Prateek Agarwal

(Father of Aakrat Agarwal)

7i World School provides an EXCEPTIONAL educational foundation to foster success of children both academically and socially. I am so happy with the progress, my daughter Ojasvi has made in her first year. The authority responds immediately to any concerns I raise. Children get appropriate homework according to their age. 7i never ignore the importance of extra co-curricular activities. It gives the students and opportunity to develop their skills.

I strongly feel our society needs more mentors like you, who are not only imparting education but also gives life times values. ALL THE BEST for your bright future.

With Regards

Akansha Bhatnagar

(Mother of Ojasvi Bhatnagar)

As a parent of a toddler sending our little daughter to a new environment, our first concern was SAFETY and CARE. 7i World School endeavor to provide family ethics where child is cared for, listened to and valued as an individual, to us this was important. Every child is important here. The Principal and staff know each student personality.

The school makes every effort to make learning enjoyable3and rewarding with its updated technology and giving its students a FAMILY FEEL.

We were anxious during initial days of our daughter’s schooling but now we are happy and satisfied as to how the school has over last few years and we are happy have never looked back.

We thanks staff of 7i World, the teacher’s and the supporting staff to nurture our daughters as their own.

Dr. Priyamvada Sharma

Dr. Vaibhav Sharma

(Parents of Manasvi Sharma)

The role of a good school is very crucial in building personality of a child by improving his IQ & EQ. but preparing them for future competitions, many schools forget to harness creativity and uniqueness of each child. 7i World School is one of the very few exceptional one which one which doesn’t miss to inculcate creativity and brings out the best from each child. 7i Staff is also very caring, helping, supporting and hardworking. Students are also developing various extracurricular activities with the help of experts. I wish my best to the Principal of 7i World School and the whole management for their endeavour in making of its kind.

Mrs. Rupal Jain

(Mother of Aradhya Jain)

7i World School is really a modern school. I am thankful that my son is studying in such a school. The environment of the school is very warm and pleasant, which has been made by infrastructure and teachers together. The Principal too of the school is a very generous lady, a very warm-hearted soul I have come across. Moreover, the class teacher of Aarav, my son’s class has been very supportive. She has really contributed towards the nurturing of my child. Hope this school keeps growing and succeeding.

Dr. Shubha Mehta

(Mother of Aarav Sharma)

My son has been a part of 7i World School which is an esteemed institution since 2013-14. The past of 6 years has been an enriching and enlightening experience for my child and I have seen him growing and grooming in all aspects of life, be it studies, sports, interaction with elders or younger ones. As a parent I am heartily thankful for the arduous efforts made by the teachers and administration of the school to inculcate positive personality traits in my child. It was a wonderful and memorable moment for the entire family when he first started reading words and phrases from his books and even read few lines in his mother tongue ‘Hindi’. I take pride in this that my child is a part of a school that focuses on overall development of child giving due importance to all the languages, subjects and even extra-curricular activities organized by the school from time to time. The interactive sessions conducted by the school involving participation of family members including grandparents is a brilliant way of instilling socio-cultural values in children. I extend my warm regards and wishes to the family of 7i World School for all such further endeavors.

Devendra Dwivedi

(Father of Darsh Dwivedi, Grade 3A)

When we got transferred back from UK about 3 year ago, we were looking for a decent school for my daughter Anvi Singh. I found 7i World School having a unique and modernistic approach of teaching. Three years on, I am very happy and satisfied with Anvi’s growth ever since she has joined 7i. Apart from studies, she has learned a lot in various extracurricular activities. I appreciate hard work of all the teachers, mentors and Principal madam. I wish more success to 7i World School in coming years!


Anuj Pratap Singh

(Father of Anvi Singh, Grade 5)

I am Dr Sanjay Dhawale, proud father of Saurav Dhawale. I feel happy and proud for Saurav’s progress ever since he has joined 7i World School. He was a shy child but now he is gaining confidence in studies and other activities. I appreciate hard work of all the teachers especially class teachers and Respected Principal madam. All my best wishes to 7i World School and it’s management.


Dr. Sanjay Dhawale

(Father of Saurabh Dhawale, Grade 4)

As parents whose both kids are enrolled in this school, it gives us pride and joy to see the school flourish. The relationship between school and its parents is symbiotic, and allows for betterment of each party. Within the last year itself, we have seen both our kids progress academically as well as in their confidence level. Our wish for the school is that it will raise the bar in quality education in Gwalior and maintain its curricular and extracurricular rigour.

Dr Shilpa and Sameer Sankpal

(Wards: Ilina Sankpal and Varin Sankpal)

This is a school with a warm and nurturing environment. There was a positive change in our son soon after he joined here, from another school, within a short span of time. Attention is given to the overall development of the child, and their individual talents are developed too. The staff is friendly and responsive to the children’s needs. I would like to thank the entire team for giving good governance, care, academic growth, and also overall personality development to our child. He has gained a lot of confidence. The school gives him a good scope for extracurricular activities and interaction with the outside world. I would also like to thank all teachers for their active involvement at every stage and event. Their attention to detail is evident from the smooth functioning of the school in every aspect. Indeed, they bring out the best in every child.

Mrs. Rashi Gupta

(Mother of Rituraj Chhiroliya, Grade 4A)

I still remember the warm day of April 2015, when I got llina to school for her first day. It was April 6th, and Ilina had entered LKG. She wasn’t very open initially, and then as the year has passed, she became more open and more interactive and finally began enjoying herself in school.

I don’t have any memory of my own first day of school. My parents do.

And I wonder if it is rite of passage to see this happening with your child.

The Almanac became my anchor of the year. Between a full time, job, and a baby at home, I used the almanac to plan ahead on her activities. I hoped Ilina would start qelling better with her classmates. To be honest it took a few days of pushing every day to get her to enter the bus. There had to be some incentive, some push factor to get her to school every day, and I desperately hoped that the phase would pass.

The phase passed, and by August, she was much settled. One of thing that I like is the frequent visits she had to zoo, and different parks within the city. I liked the fact that she had begun to enjoy her class, her classmates, and was a fan of her class teacher.

I waited every evening to listen to all that she had to share about her day. The big thing about childhood is the free flow of communication that has not been molded by cynicism or stunted by notion of what must be or must not share. She indeed has lot of things to tell, from what happened in the bus, to what happened in the class, to what she ate in the tiffin hat day.

It has been bittersweet really. It feels incredible that she is now experiencing world in her own way, even if in a sheltered environment. She is out and about and forming her own judgments, and asserting herself.

My only desire is to see her flourish, and enjoy her school days, with tremendous learning. May her confidence stay strong, and may she grow up to be good citizen, and a strong woman.

Dr. Shipla Sankalp

(Mother of Ilina Sankalp, KG 1A)

Respected Mam,
I, mother of Rituraj Chhirolya grade 1, would like to take thing opportunity to appreciate the efforts of teachers and of course the school management for putting up the wonderful activities and programs time to time.

You all are taking such good care of my son and also shaping his personality beautifully.

I am sure that I have planted my sapling in the right garden and he will make us all proud by blooming into a sensitive and responsible citizen.

My son is enjoying the way lessons are conducted and as a parent I can see that how each assignment activity and lesson is aimed to teach students not only academic but also essential life skills.

Thank you 7i for making the school and class such an exciting place to be in.

A special thank you to the management for being available at all times.

Looking forward to many more successes to the school.


Rashi Gupta

A year ago, as parents of a daughter, we were feeling like we were a drift in a sea of schools promising so many things. And then our search stopped at one of the best schools of Gwalior-7i world school. It was first time for our daughter to enter in a place where she had to face all new people with all her queries. And after one year under the tutelage of 7i World School we feel proud of our decision as we can see the transformation of our cautious and shy girl into a self-motivated, well-groomed and always “ready to go to school” girl. We are very thankful to her teachers who helped her grow and excel in a holistic manner and because an important milestone in our child’s journey of life.

Three names always bring a shine and smile to her face and she always answers this question:

Q-What you want to be in future?

Ans-I want to be Principal Mam, Usha Mam and Bhavya Mam.

And in the last we appreciate the vision and mission of “Ms.Ankita Phalke Ji”.

With Best Wishes


Mr. Mayank Sharma

Mrs. Shikha Sharma

Proud parents of Mayanshi Sharma (Nursery)

To cherry pick the appropriate school for children is an uphill task. So our foremost exploration was based on a school that concentrated on communication skills and leadership in the student from an early age besides the strong academics with solicitous and affectionate environment to ensure sense of security in our kids. After visiting many schools, we discerned that 7i World School was an apt option as it has everything we were looking for- small class size, astute and amiable teachers along with constructive curriculum. We have not been disappointed. Indubitably it has surpassed our expectations. The school is notably clean and well maintained. While there are discernible differences in all the children, each student is motivated to participate in various extracurricular activities. Thanks to all the teachers and administrative staff as my kids are enjoying their school and all my trepidations about them setting into a new system have been negated. I am certain that in years to come, 7i world school will carve a niche for itself and will be endorsed as one of the preeminent esteemed schools in our area.

Dr. Swati Goyal

Students usually to go school to study, but co-curricular activities gives them the chance to show their potential in different fields. In today’s extremely competitive world children bear a lot of mental pressure believing that a wide range of experiences prepare students better for the future, especially in today’s uncertain world. We can’t just produce a one-dimensional student in our school. Some tests require precision and management and when children are both academically and co-curricularly balanced, it makes them confident.

We thing that co-curricular activities help develop the all-round personality of the student to face the daunting and turbulent world. Students who are involved in these types of pursuits tend to improve their academic grades as well. They learn useful new skills and in integrating these activities into their everyday school lives, they learn time management, critical thinking, team work and social skills. These activities not only make students active and energetic but also help to harness the in-depth potential of students.

Gargi Sharma

Co-Curricular Activities Incharge

The army keeps one on the move. Every two years or so I have got orders to move to a new assignment. Virtually none of my moves has been less than a thousand kilometres.

Whenever one receives posting orders, the first thought is of the family, particularly schooling. It was with some trepidation that I found myself routing via Gwalior in late February to look for a school for Russel, our younger one. The elder boy had just secured admission to the Doon School and so would not be with us in Gwalior.

Nothing is more important in life and any situation than what people feel about themselves and whatever they are engaged in. I spend two days visiting schools in and around Gwalior, some reputedly better than others. To me, a good school is one where children are cared for and are happy. At each school I visited, after seeing the school and meeting whoever was willing to meet me. I would stand and look at the place, and would imagine our nine years old son Russel getting off a school bus and walking into the school. The image in my mind was a small boy walking slowly, across wide and threatening open space and into buildings far huger that in his last school. In my mind’s eye, Russel didn’t look happy.

It was then that I heard of 7i World School from my wife’s aunt who lives in the same area. She told me that it was a small school but suggested that we see it. The approach to the school in Harishankar Puram was narrow lanes, but then I had seen enough of vistas and buildings seeking to impress! We entered the school building and asked if we could see the principal. We were shown in and after the first few minutes, Mrs. Ankita Phalke had me reassured. Her cheerful yet measured demeanor spelt competence and a degree of involvement I wish more school principals had. As she took us around the school, I noticed that all the children were happy. Their impish grins and bright inquisitives eyes left no room for doubt. Here, at last, was a school that the children obviously liked.

Russel joined 7i World a couple of months later. It is easy to tell, from the way a child leaves home for school each morning, whether they are happy there. Russel doesn’t like waking early that that was h is only grouse. Once up though, he would have his breakfast and leaves home skipping along, with a cheerful ring to the “Bye!” he routinely called as he left with our dog Rusty, who often tagged along to the gate of our compound to see his brother’ safely on the bus.

With just seventeen children in his class, Russel has enjoyed being in 7i World. The children did lots of simple projects and he liked coming home to research what he needed to from the net. He is very creative and spends a lot of his time reading, drawing and thinking imaginatively about things. He found lots to do in 7i World, where the academic pressure was not too high; a blessing in junior classes, as it allows children to play and be creative and mentally agile.

In Russel’s first year, his and other classes from the school visited the NCC Academy I was heading. The eager children were introduced to what the NCC stands for. They were told about key character qualities such as grit, zest, optimism, curiosity, social intelligence and gratitude, essential to leading a satisfying and productive life in any capacity.

In the two years that we spent in Gwalior, my wife and attended several functions at 7i World. It was always heartening to meet Mrs. Phalke and Mrs. Alka Bhargava, the new Principal at the new campus as well as the Director, Shri Deepak Sharma and his ever-cheerful elderly father, whose vision the school was the fruit of. Our bonds grew when Mrs. Shilpa Saxena joined the school as HR Head and Academics Co-Coordinator added great efficiency to the day to day functioning.

Before we realized it, our two years were up. I was posted out of Gwalior and the family followed me to Dehradun as soon as Russel was through with his exams in March 2018. We will always remember 7i World School, and especially Mrs. Ankita Phalke with greatest of fondness.

Farewell 7i !

-Brigadier Steve Ismail